Implant Dentures: Things You’re Not Certain About Yet

The thing that you’re certain about is that you are more than ready to say goodbye to what you’ve been dealing with lately: The consequences of tooth loss! The thing you’re not entirely certain about that has made its way into your bank of knowledge and tooth replacement options? Implant dentures! If you’ve recently begun learning about them and they sound like they might be a good solution for you but you need to know more, remember that our Rohnert Park, CA team is here to answer questions, guide you, compare treatments, and help you feel you’ve made a wonderful choice.

What Makes Implant Dentures Different?

Part of your confusion may stem from the fact that you’re not entirely sure about what makes traditional dentures and implant dentures different from one another. First, the main difference is that traditional prosthetics of any kind rely solely on the tissues that are already present in your mouth for their support. In the case of dentures, you’re simply placing the device over your dental ridge, where the suction that’s naturally made in your mouth helps it stay in place. When you are considering implant-retained dentures, the support the device receives is from implant posts that have been surgically placed into your jaw tissue. The posts fuse with your jawbone, thereby offering deeply anchored support.

Traditional dentures are removable, so you take them in and out when you want to. Implant-supported dentures may be removable or fixed, depending on your needs.

Are They Big, Obvious, Or Uncomfortable?

What you know about dentures may come from movies, cartoons, memories, or just ideas about what you think they are. The good news is that when you select implant dentures in today’s world, you’re not getting something that’s big, obvious, or uncomfortable. You will, instead, receive a prosthetic that’s slim, sleek, modern, lightweight, comfortable, and made to closely mimic your natural smile.

Why A Denture Instead Of Crowns?

You may wonder: Why choose an implant denture instead of deciding to replace your arch of teeth with individual implants and dental crowns? If you’re just getting started, then remember that the following factors are important:

  • Implant dentures require only a handful of implant posts, while each crown requires a single implant. You may have reasons for wanting a smaller amount of implants or your smile health may suggest fewer implants are a better bet.
  • You may determine that due to your budget, implant-supported dentures are a better choice.

See Us For Your Implant Denture

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