Times You Hope We’ll Say “Not True!” About Implants

Sometimes, you might toss some information out into the world, hoping someone tells you that what you’re saying just isn’t right. For instance, you may really want to try a particular restaurant with a friend. Instead of saying, “Would you like to go?” you phrase it as, “I was going to ask you but I know you don’t like that sort of place.” Your hope? That your friend immediately replies, “Oh, that’s not true! I would love to!” This may simply be because we all want to avoid disappointment when we really want something. So, with that said, our Santa Rosa, CA team asks: When are you hoping we will respond in such a way to things you’re really hoping for out of dental implants?

When You Say “I’m Too Accustomed To The Traditional Way”

We realize that you may be quite emotionally comfortable with the tooth replacement you have been relying on for many years. Maybe it’s a traditionally supported denture, partial, or bridge. Whatever it is, you may find that you worry you’re simply too accustomed to this particular device to be able to move forward with what you see as a big change like dental implants. Good news: That’s not true! It may be a little shocking at first, to know that you’re making a big change, but the benefits are so extraordinary that you will quickly feel excited (and, just as a reminder, adapting is very easy).

When You Say It Takes Too Long

You might find that you like the idea of dental implants but you suddenly feel a pang of anxiety. Boy! It seems like it takes a long time to end up with implants, you may think! While it’s true that it takes longer than simply receiving a traditional denture, our team reminds you that a lifetime of wear is quite a payout from a treatment that can take just several months to a year to complete. The benefits outweigh the somewhat lengthier process because you enjoy advantages you can receive through no other tooth replacement means! As for specific times, you should discuss details with us.

When You Mention That Implants Are Costly

Dental implants. You have heard that they cost a lot. As a result, you really hope that we will tell you that it’s not true! Here’s what we have to say on the topic: It’s all a matter of perspective. When you compare the total cost of traditional prosthetics over your lifetime to the total cost of implants and restorations, the implant route is usually more cost effective. So, it becomes quite a personal decision. Want more answers? Just ask us!

Enjoy A New Implant Outlook

When you have some ideas about dental implants and whether they might work for you but you’re feeling like the odds are slim, remember to ask questions! Discover a new outlook with us and you may like what you learn! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.