Your Missing Tooth: Problems It May Cause! 

You have lost one tooth. As a result, you have been referred to our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice (or you have discovered us on your own) and may have spent some time looking through our website. You see that we can replace that one tooth with a dental implant, which we can then restore in a variety of ways. Hope for your 100 percent tooth replacement and getting your smile back in ship shape is absolute! Our Rohnert Park, CA team can give you just what you need! With that said, you wonder: Why is the full replacement of your tooth such a stellar choice? What kind of trouble can one missing tooth cause? Let’s find out!

It Can Look Bad

When you’re missing one tooth, it can cause you to feel as though your smile looks, in short: Bad. You may feel embarrassed as a result of the loss, which can impact many facets of your life! We remind you that the moment you choose to replace your tooth with a dental implant and crown, you say goodbye to those feelings, as you approach a lasting solution.

It Can Collect Food And Plaque And Tartar

Did you know that a missing tooth is actually bad for your oral health in terms of dental hygiene? When you have a complete smile (particularly one that’s aligned), brushing and flossing successfully and avoiding hygiene-related illnesses like decay is a breeze. An open space, however, creates a little well in which food collects and may make it difficult to keep plaque and tartar at bay. Replace it and you’re in good shape.

It Can Disrupt Speech, Chewing, And Bite Balance At Rest

You will quickly find that even one missing tooth can confuse your tongue, can change the way words sound as you speak, and can make chewing and even simply closing your teeth together a very different (often less enjoyable) experience. Regain the balance of your bite and all of the wonderful things that come with that balance with an implant and restoration.

It Can Promote Future Tooth Loss!

The future of your smile may include more tooth loss if you ignore the fact that you are dealing with a missing tooth. That one tooth includes the loss of the tooth’s roots, which leaves you with part of your jaw that stops receiving stimulation. Did you know that stimulation from your roots creates a series of messages to your brain (and back) that ensure your jaw gets proper nutrients to stay full and healthy? Dental implants can take the place of your roots, so your jaw doesn’t become damaged (as it allows for the loss of additional teeth).

Replace Your Missing Tooth To Avoid Trouble

Skip the problematic side effects that can accompany just one missing tooth, when tooth loss works its way into your life. Visit our team to learn every last thing you want and need to know about dental implants! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.