Ask Us How Implants Can Benefit You

For decades, dental implants have repeatedly proven to be the most lifelike option for many patients who wish to replace lost or extracted teeth. As root-like posts that are inserted into your jawbone, their realism stems from the fact that implants are the only solution for replacing the roots of your lost teeth. However, just because they’re popular doesn’t mean that everyone who experiences tooth loss automatically knows they should choose dental implants to replace them. Today, we take a look at some of the most common benefits that dental implants can provide, and why they’re often the preferred choice for rebuilding smiles.

What dental implants are designed to do

Compared to traditional dental prostheses, dental implants don’t exactly reinvent the wheel. The visible part of an implant restoration is nearly identical to a traditional dental bridge or denture. The only difference is how the restoration is supported. Instead of relying on abutment teeth or hidden clasps, it can enjoy enhanced comfort, stability, and support thanks to its root-like implants posts. By replicating healthy, natural teeth roots, dental implants help reestablish more of your lost tooth structure and full bite function than traditional prostheses can by themselves.

How they compare to traditional prostheses

Simply changing how your dental prosthesis is supported might seem like a minimal change, but it has profound implications for the comfort and stability of your replacement teeth. For example, with dental implants, a dental bridge won’t have to rely on adjacent healthy teeth for support, which means you won’t have to modify these teeth to accommodate the bridge. This not only improves the sturdiness of your prosthesis when you bite and chew your foods, but also helps you improve your long-term oral health by preserving a maximum amount of the healthy tooth structure you still retain.

Some of the more common benefits

In addition to eliminating the need for abutment teeth and other supportive solutions, dental implants also serve an essential function that other prostheses can’t replicate – that of stimulating your jawbone like your teeth roots do. This stimulation, or rather the lack of it after losing one or more teeth, is the reason why your jawbone loses mass and density afterward experiencing tooth loss. Dental implants provide the only solution for helping you maintain this stimulation while also rebuilding your smile’s appearance and function.

Learn more about the advantages of dental implants

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