Tooth Loss Treatment With A Full Arch Restoration

fort worth full arch restorationWhen we lose teeth, this could lead to not only trouble eating and speaking, but negative changes to our facial structure and arches too. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons will talk about options to restore your arch again and address even substantial cases of tooth loss with implant dentistry.

What Happens to Your Arches Following Tooth Loss?

When your body recognizes that there are missing roots in your arch, it will suspend the flow of key nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue loses mass and density, breaking down and increasing the risk of an aged appearance and further tooth loss. Often, we can prevent these complications or if they have already occurred, either rebuild your jawbone structure or employ dental implants designed to require minimal jaw structure to be secured in place.

Rebuilding Lost Structure

If you’ve lost mass and density in your jaw, this could mean an older appearance and also limit the ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants. To rebuild these structures, we could take an extensive approach and use ridge augmentation and sinus lifts to rebuild these portions of the jawbone, with bone grafting is taken from other parts of your body, or from a donor or synthetic source. We then insert dental implants once the area heals, supporting the roots of your new smile. We could also offer All-On-Four, which supports a full set of dentures on only four dental implant posts. They stimulate the jawbone tissue to grow and not lose further density.

Custom Implant Dentures

To offer a new smile and restore your arch, our team will insert between four and up to eight dental implants per arch. These new roots are accepted by the body as natural, stimulating the growth of jawbone tissue. We attach abutments to secure a set of dentures. Using lifelike and durable ceramic we create a full row of durable and natural-looking teeth, so you can smile with pride. The fixed denture of the prosthetics means it will never slip when you eat or speak, and that it could last for decades to come. If you have any questions about your missing teeth, or about full arch restoration, then contact our team today. We’re ready to help rebuild your smile and restore beauty, function, and health to your smile once again.

Do You Have Missing Teeth?

Our team knows how to replace missing teeth and restore your smile completely once again, so you avoid further complications. To learn more about how we rebuild your smile and implant dentistry and oral surgery, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.