Why Ridge Preservation Is Essential

ridge preservationWhile we would like to keep all our teeth, sometimes it isn’t an option. Tooth extraction is medically necessary at times — especially when a tooth has undergone damaging trauma or there is irreversible internal decay. In these cases, removal of the tooth is medically advisable and can help improve the overall health of your mouth. When a tooth is extracted, your oral surgeon may recommend ridge preservation to help maintain the health of your mouth and jaw. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park, CA, oral surgeons discuss the importance of this procedure and how it can help you reclaim your smile.

What Is Ridge Preservation? 

Before diving into the procedure, let’s discuss the ridge: it is part of your mouth that your teeth sit in. You have one on the top of your jaw and one on the bottom, and they are both covered in gum tissue. There are several layers beneath the gum that include bone tissue and ligaments. Ridge preservation is the process of using advanced biocompatible material to keep the area healthy and from resorbing. When there is no longer a tooth, your body starts to reallocate the tissue around it because it senses that this area of your mouth no longer needs to be supported. This procedure mitigates this resorption and keeps your mouth fully healthy. 

When Is It Performed?

When tooth extraction is recommended, it is to ensure the health of your mouth and jaw. That said, the loss of a tooth can still be damaging to your jaw, which is why your oral surgeon typically suggests replacing it with a dental implant as quickly as possible. Ridge preservation is performed after a tooth is removed and before an implant is placed. It is done to ensure your jaw remains as strong as possible in order to better support the specific implant your oral surgeon recommends. Placing an implant will be easier and more successful if your jaw has undergone minimal deterioration. As noted above ridge preservation often utilizes a biocompatible synthetic or, depending on your needs, a small bone graft from another area of your mouth. Either way, it is done to help maintain the integrity of your jaw in a way that will provide the best base for your new implant.

Do You Have Questions About Ridge Preservation?

Our team wants to help keep your mouth healthy, so you’re ready for a dental implant when the time comes. To learn more about the process of preserving your ridge, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA at 707-545-4625. You can also visit us at 1174 Montgomery Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95405.