A Better Smile Foundation With Grafting

Santa Rosa grafting and sinus liftsWhen we lose teeth, this could lead to a gradual breakdown in the jaw tissue. As the foundation of your smile erodes, this could mean an older appearance and worsening tooth loss. To make your smile dental implant ready, then your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons talk about jawbone grafting and sinus lifts. 

A Breakdown in Your Smile’s Foundation

How does a breakdown in your smile occur? When we lose our natural teeth, the body will stop the flow of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone, or divert it to other parts of the smile. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue begins to break down. This means the risk of further tooth loss, and for some, an older appearance. This also complicates tooth replacement, as your jaw may be too weak to support one or more dental implants, limiting your tooth replacement options. We want you to enjoy a complete smile again, which is why we could rebuild these portions of your smile with oral surgery. 

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts

With bone grafting, we use tissues taken from the back of your jaw or your hip, or from synthetic or donor sources, and attach them to the weaned areas of your smile. These bond with your smile and act like your natural tissues, creating a new base to support dental implants. This is done for the lower arch. For the upper arch, we can lift the sinus floor to uncover new tissues that can handle the placement of your new tooth. We use anesthesia and sedation to ensure the procedure is a comfortable one, and we offer detailed instructions to facilitate a complication-free healing period. When your smile is ready, we will move forward with tooth replacement. 

Dental Implants 

We insert the dental implant post into your jaw, where the body accepts it as a natural root. This stimulates the growth of bone tissue to support the new tooth and allow it to last for decades to come. We could offer an individual tooth replacement, or secure a set of fixed dentures. We could also discuss the use of All-On-Four and TreFoil, which use smaller and fewer posts and could mean tooth replacement without the need for grafting or sinus lifts. If you have any questions about how we rebuild your smile and replace missing teeth, then give us a call today. 

Does Your Smile Need a New Foundation? 

Our team wants to help address the negative impacts of untreated tooth loss. To learn more about rebuilding and securing your smile, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.