Combating Edentulism With Trefoil™ Implant Dentures

santa rosa trefoilWhen you have lost most of your teeth, your jaw could break down and this could limit possible replacement options. But we have an option that requires only three posts to secure implant dentures, and can preserve your jawbone structure as well. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons talk about Trefoil™ implant dentures.

The Dangers of Tooth Loss

Losing the majority of your teeth can be a serious concern, as this alters how you speak and could make eating your favorite foods difficult, depriving you of essential nutrients. But beyond that, you could develop an aged appearance as well. Your body will stop sending doses of calcium and phosphates to the jawbone around the missing roots, which causes these areas to lose mass and density. The breakdown then causes an aged appearance. This could also mean there simply isn’t enough jawbone structure to support dental implants, limiting your replacement options. But with Trefoil™, our team can secure fixed dentures that require less jawbone structure to support!

Preparing Your Smile

To begin, we will examine your smile and if necessary, treat any underlying issues to manage them and prevent them from compromising your new teeth. We then choose the best position and angles to insert your three dental implant posts. We not only want them to support your new prosthetic, but to stimulate the growth of jawbone structure too! For some, this process may mean we needed to extract the last few teeth to pave the way for your new smile. We can conduct a tooth extraction quickly and gently, so you’re ready to transform your smile’s function, health, and appearance.

Trefoil™ Implant Dentures

With Trefoil™, our team will strategically insert three implant posts and then connect them to a load-bearing titanium bar. Once these items are in place, we will connect a custom-made porcelain denture, one that is designed to fit comfortably and also offer a lifelike appearance. In only one visit, you will leave with a full smile, one that restores your ability to eat a variety of foods and to smile with confidence. If you have any questions about how our team tackles tooth loss with the Trefoil™ system, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you enjoy your best possible smile again!

Do You Have Questions About Replacing Lost Teeth?

Our team wants to ensure you can eat your favorite foods and smile with confidence with our advanced fixed denture systems, such as Trefoil™. To learn more about our durable and long-lasting fixed prosthetics, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625. We can offer a complete smile once again!