Bone Grafting Ensures Implant-Ready Smiles

santa rosa graftingWhen you lose several of your teeth, the jawbone around these missing roots could break down. This could mean weakened structure and further tooth loss, and limits to your ability to receive dental implants. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons talk about bone grafting and sinus lifts.

When Jawbone Structure Degrades

When we lose our teeth, the body will respond by suspending or diverting the flow of calcium and phosphates from the areas with missing roots. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue degrades, breaking down to cause further tooth loss and for many, an older appearance too. When this happens, you’re also limited in your tooth replacement options, as there may not be enough structure to support one or more dental implants. Which is why you may need to rebuild what has been lost with grafting or sinus lifts, so you can enjoy a complete smile again and preserve your youthful facial features.

The Need for Grafting and Sinus Lifts

Our team will thoroughly examine your smile with digital x-rays and CBCT imagery, so we can diagnose the strength of your jaw and identify areas that are too weak to support dental implants. Our team can then complete the ridge augmentation and sinus lift procedures. We will first numb the areas being treated, and will administer sedation to help you stay calm and comfortable as we conduct this oral surgical procedure. Our team will use tissue taken from the rear of the jaw, the hip, or the knee to rebuild weakened portions of the lower jaw. This provided a matrix to support new bone tissue growth. For the upper arch, we can raise the sinus floor to uncover enough tissue to support new teeth.

Placing Dental Implants

Once we complete the placement and the treated areas heal, we will move forward with tooth replacement. By inserting dental implants, which are made from biocompatible titanium, we provide new root structure. Which prevents breakdown in the jaw and supports new teeth for decades to come. We can address an individual missing tooth, or use several posts to secure a bridge or even a comet set of dentures. These will be lifelike in appearance, and never slip when you eat or speak. They last for years to come, and provide a fixed solution that looks and functions like natural teeth.

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Do You Have Questions About Making Smiles Ready for Dental Implants?

We would like to help treat the gaps in your smile and rebuild lost structure. To learn more about treating your missing teeth with advanced and lifelike replacement options, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.