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Oral Surgery: Hidden Culprits Causing Tooth Loss

There are only so many times that restorative care can save a tooth. There’s also a limit to the lengths that this field of dentistry can go to save your dental tissue. As a result, there are two things to consider when you’re wondering why you’re dealing with tooth loss, despite your best efforts. Let’s… Read more »

What Can Oral Surgery Improve?

You’ve heard a lot about the fact that you may be able to see some serious improvement with your smile soon because your dentist has suggested oral surgery. This sounds good, of course, because a smile that’s in excellent condition is always a beneficial state to enjoy. However, whether you’re planning on receiving implants, you… Read more »

A Couple Things To Remember About Your Oral Surgeon

There are some things you probably haven’t thought about in regard to your oral surgeon. For instance, do you know what to expect from your surgeon? Do you know what our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons provide in terms of treatments? Are you certain about the way our team goes about providing treatments and… Read more »

Your Visit: 3 Things You Might Want To Bring With You

Whatever it is you’re coming in for, whether to discuss your oral health, to receive oral surgery, etc., it’s normal to feel just a bit uncertain about things. This is particularly true when you haven’t seen an oral surgeon for a procedure or appointment before. While we offer sedation and are happy to give you… Read more »

When The Cause Of Your Anxiety Is Sedation

Usually, we like to suggest dental sedation for patients who appear to feel anxious about their upcoming visit or treatment. So, what happens when the main reason you’re experiencing anxiety is the fact that the idea of receiving IV sedation (or otherwise) is putting you on edge? Fortunately (and you may be surprised to learn… Read more »

Quiz: Helping You Get Ready For Implants

Are you wondering how helpful we will be when it comes to your preparing for dental implants? Perhaps you worry that there’s going to be quite a learning curve as you scramble to figure out the details. As you might have hoped, this is not the case at all! In addition to providing you with… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Suggests: Consider Life Without Treatment

When you find that you’re going back and forth in regard to following through with oral surgery, you may need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. Of course, when we suggest surgery for you, we are team treatment, if you will. The last thing we want is to find that you chose… Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Explains: Things You Just Didn’t Know!

It’s very easy to get a bit down on yourself when you end up requiring oral surgery. You may wonder how your jaw became damaged and why you didn’t know how to protect it. You may wonder how your teeth became damaged and why you didn’t know how to stop tooth loss before it happened…. Read more »

Your Oral Surgeon Discusses: Ridge Preservation

Are you having problems with some of your teeth, the degree of which suggests dental extractions and tooth replacements are your best solution? If so, you may have heard us mention ridge preservation as a means of keeping your jaw prepared and safe throughout your smile journey. For a better understanding of what it is… Read more »

Dental Implants: How Do You Get It Right?

When you think about what it takes to have dental implants placed within your smile, you may start to wonder how on earth with get it right. Everything must be just so, placed in the right location at the correct angle. Is it just a matter of thoughtful placement or is there a lot that… Read more »