Tooth Extractions: 2 Things To Forget About

There are some particular thoughts we find often fill the minds of our tooth extraction patients. While we would be overjoyed if these thoughts were all optimistic and relaxed in nature, we must admit they often lean toward the not-so-positive end of the spectrum. Of course, especially if oral surgery is new to you, it’s only natural to end up with a bit of fear and uncertainty mixed in with your emotions. The fortunate news is that this is not at all necessary, as you are making a decision to protect your oral health. Consider a couple common thoughts to completely forget and you’ll quickly see that an extraction is something you can allow yourself to feel A-OK about!

#1: Extractions In Movies

If you’ve never had a tooth extraction before and the only thing you have to base your thoughts on includes someone having a tooth removed in a movie (potentially a movie set during pioneer times, long before today’s modern technology), we remind you like we remind you for all oral surgery services: Movies are not real! Forget about these details and, no matter what your question is in regard to what you can expect, please ask. The reality will prove to be a surprisingly easy, comfortable experience.

#2: Fixing The Problem Some Other Way

It’s natural to go over and over in your mind the ways you might have been able to avoid ending up requiring a tooth extraction (or you may be imagining a potential alternative solution). Let these thoughts go. The reason for the upcoming removal is the fact that the advanced world of dental care cannot provide you with a different solution, which means the tooth must be removed. Instead, think about the end result, which will be a tooth replacement and a smile that’s healthy. It’s a much more pleasant pathway to take!

Feel Confident About Tooth Extractions With Us

When you want to feel good about extractions but you don’t know what to expect, we urge you to let us know and bring up your questions! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.