Choosing An Implant And Crown: What’s It Mean?

You will hear a lot of terms and learn a lot of new things when it comes time to consider dental implants for your smile. The information that will make you smile is the fact that no matter how many teeth you are missing or whether your smile is ready right now for implants, there’s an option and solution for you. The stuff that isn’t necessarily making you smile at the moment might be that the details and jargon can be a bit confusing. Let’s start at the very beginning by discussing what it really means when you choose an implant and a crown.

It Means You’re Replacing Your Entire Tooth

If you choose a dental implant and a dental crown for your smile, then you are replacing an entire tooth. Here’s what you need to know initially: Your natural tooth that you are missing protruded above your gumline and continued down beneath your gums, where the tooth was anchored into your jaw tissue. The part above your gum was called the tooth’s crown. The part below was referred to as your roots. Other prosthetics only let you replace the crown of your tooth. When you choose an implant and crown, you do the following: The implant replaces your roots and the crown replaces … you guessed it … your tooth’s crowns. This equates to a full tooth replacement!

It Means One Post, One Abutment, One Crown, For One Tooth

When you receive a dental implant and crown, it’s to replace one tooth. There are ways to use implants to support a denture or bridge but today, let’s focus on the single implant. This form of replacement will include the implant (a post), a crown (the crown replacement), and these two structures will be connected by an abutment (a connective piece). It’s that simple!

Learn The Implant Details When You See Us

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