Remember: Extractions Are Not Punishments

Maybe you think to yourself that you’ve done something very wrong to end up requiring a dental extraction. The truth is, while it’s entirely possible you have neglected a tooth and, as a result, it requires removal, this is no punishment! It’s a treatment that rescues your smile or that paves the way for the ongoing care you need. Stop thinking of extractions as something to feel bad about and, instead, think of them as a wonderful starting point for your future exceptional smile.

If It’s Hygiene Related

Are you receiving a dental extraction with us because your dental hygiene could be much better? Stop reliving the past and feeling guilty about the fact that you could have brushed and flossed more or that you missed cleanings and checkups. Instead, use it as a springboard to get serious about your smile care. We can help you replace the tooth with a dental implant. From then on, the future is bright!

If It’s An Accident

Maybe you were playing baseball and you got socked in the mouth. These types of accidents happen and can leave you in need of a dental extraction for a very damaged tooth. Maybe you could have worn an athletic mouthguard (you may wish to consider one for the future). However, there are all sorts of oops moments that can lead to this type of injury. Focus on the good stuff: We can remove and replace that tooth!

If Your Smile Is Overcrowded

For everyone from kids to adults, sometimes overcrowding is the misalignment concern that leads to the need for orthodontic care. In many cases, removing some of those teeth becomes essential because there’s simply not adequate space! Again, the dental extractions aren’t punishments! They’re just the first step toward a greatly improved smile.

Keep An Optimistic Outlook As We Explain Extractions

Don’t forget that the services we offer are all here to benefit your oral health, including extractions! See us to learn more. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.