Extractions: The Simple Questions You Think Nobody Else Asks

There are some simple questions you may find that you have about tooth extractions that, due to their simplicity, you feel embarrassed to bring up. You may even think that you’re the only person out there thinking them, which makes you feel even more hesitant to open your mouth and let the question out. As we have said before and will always continue to remind our patients, every question you have is valuable and chances are good you’re not the first (nor will you be the last) to think of it.

Do You Remove My Roots, Too, During An Extraction?

When we remove your tooth during a tooth extraction, we are removing the entire tooth. This means that yes, we remove your roots, too. As a result, when you replace the tooth, you may wish to speak with us about dental implants as they are the only solution that will allow you to replace your whole tooth when the time comes to do so!

Isn’t There Some Other Way To Rescue My Tooth?

Remember this: If there were another way to rescue your oral health, we would choose it over a tooth extraction. We only remove a tooth when it becomes absolutely necessary to protect your smile.

Should I Wait As Long As Possible Before An Extraction?

You may think that taking the brave route and trying to hold onto your tooth as long as possible before coming in for a tooth extraction is the best choice. While we understand your desire to salvage your tooth, we encourage you to remember that once your tooth requires removal, it is too late to hope for the tooth itself to get better. The health and structure of your tooth will only worsen. It’s actually best to see us ASAP for an extraction and to then move forward quickly with a replacement!

Get Extraction Details That You Need When Visiting Us!

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