Reconsider Implants: Fixed Replacements Offer Serious Advantages

Perhaps you spent a moment thinking about dental implants for your smile in the past. However, you decided against them, followed through with prosthetics supported in the traditional way (relying on your mouth’s own tissues as the framework for support), and now you know just what these devices are like. Are you perfectly happy with the results? If not, it may be time to reconsider implants.

You Protect Nearby Teeth

The teeth surrounding your dental implants that you receive, as well as any restoration, will not be in harm’s way. This is because the implants do all of the work offering support to a crown (if it’s a single implant and single crown). Or, they provide all of the support to a larger device, such as a bridge or a partial denture. The restorations do not ever require assistance from nearby teeth, which means when you select implants, you help preserve the remaining dental tissue in your smile.

You Just Go About Your Day

When you select dental implants and crowns, you aren’t going to need to do anything extra. You don’t need to take them in and out, which is what you need to do with a traditional partial or denture. You don’t need to do any special or difficult cleaning. You just go about your day as usual, just like when you had your smile fully composed of natural teeth. It makes life much simpler!

We Cannot Say Enough About Their Stability

If you have had any sort of problems with stability, the way your device feels, having to avoid certain foods, etc., a good reason to reconsider dental implants follows: Stability issues will simply vanish. Find out more about this benefit when you talk with us!

See Us To Learn More About Implants For Your Smile

If you’re thinking you may wish to say goodbye to dentures and other devices and hello to dental implants, it’s time to come in for a consultation with us! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.