What You Should Know About Dentures!

You may have some negative ideas about dentures. When you hear someone talk about implant dentures, you lump this information in with the rest of the knowledge you have (which is based entirely on traditional denture support), and you may end up missing out on the chance to learn about this very different tooth loss solution. Before you decide once and for all that anything with the term “denture” in it is absolutely not for you, take some time to find out what makes dentures supported with implants so unique and beneficial for those replacing missing teeth.

There’s No Effort To It

When you’re relying on dentures that need traditional support, there’s a lot of effort involved. You’ll need to figure out the best way to promote suction, so they remain in place. You may end up using adhesive to help improve stability. You may spend time being careful with the foods you eat and more, particularly in social situations, so your dentures don’t move and you don’t end up embarrassed. With implant dentures, there’s no effort involved. The implants do all of the work and they do it very well, so you can relax and live your life!

They’re Not Obvious

You may think to yourself that dentures are absolutely out of the question, even implant dentures, because you don’t want a smile that looks like you’re wearing dentures. What you may not realize is that first, with implant support, your smile is stable and there’s no movement that will let anyone realize it’s not your natural smile. Next is the fact that we rely on exceptional products to ensure you receive gorgeous restorations. Recreating the visual details and function of your natural smile is the goal, which is absolutely achievable with advanced materials and technology.

Learn About Implant Options During A Consultation

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