Your Implant And Crown: 3 Things It Won’t Cause

When you decide that you think a dental implant and crown is the best way to go about replacing your missing tooth (or you choose to replace multiple missing teeth with single implants and crowns), you may not realize just how many potential problems you’re sidestepping. What do we mean by this? Well, you have elected not to use a bridge and not to use a partial. These devices, though beneficial and effective in replacing teeth, bring with them some potential side effects that you do not have to worry about with implants. If you would love additional reasons to follow through with implants, then allow us to help!

#1: Rubbing

Your dental implant and crown is, structurally, going to look nearly the same as your roots and your tooth. It will be a free-standing, vertical structure that takes up only the missing tooth’s socket and area. There’s nothing but the root and crown replacement. As a result, unlike wearing something like a partial that can rub against your gum tissue, there’s just no rubbing to be had.

#2: Wiggling

A partial can move back and forth a bit when you’re trying to eat with it in. The same is true of a full denture. A bridge, though you may not feel it move, may worry you a little and, as a result, you may make new food choices (by cutting out things that seem to require too much force). A dental implant and crown will not budge.

#3: A Reflex To Hide Your Smile

As natural as a traditional partial, denture, or bridge may look, you may still have reasons that you reflexively hide your smile when others are close. With a dental implant and crown replacing a missing tooth, you won’t do this anymore. It looks and feels natural.

Learn More About Implants And Crowns For Your Smile

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